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39 Things That Are Better than Sex

Dear Blog Readers:

Some of you want more contests. There will be one in a few weeks.

Others asked if I’d share a column I wrote for AARP. One that got a lot of ‘likes’ is “50 Things that are better Than Sex (2012). 20 years earlier, after seeing A Scent of a Woman, in which Al Pacino’s Frank Slade says that there is nothing as wonderful as sex, but driving a Ferrari is a close second, I wrote a similar listicle for New Woman, using not just what I came up with, but also the responses of both male and female friends.

“10?” said the first guy I polled. “I can’t even think of one.”

“Only 10?” said the first woman. “I can think of more just related to shopping!”

I polled others. (Mostly women others) And used things of my own (predating J, of course)

Here are 39:

  1. Finding a dentist who is only very — not outrageously —expensive

  2. Telling a know-it-all-relative she paid too much for her designer clothes

  3. Watching Gene Kelly dance in Singin’ in the Rain

  4. Watching Paul Newman do anything

  5. Sharing your scariest, innermost feelings with a very close friend — and discovering she has them, too.

  6. Getting that skirt you hadn’t worn in two seasons over your hips

  7. A long, tight hug

  8. Knowing that even in some small way, you have made a difference

  9. Knowing yourself

  10. In Scrabble, getting a triple-word score using all seven letters

  1. Having a doctor who talks to, not at, you

  2. No longer being forced to line up in size places

  3. No longer being forced to play piano for the relatives

  4. Playing piano for yourself and mastering your favorite Chopin prelude

  5. Making music with other people

  6. Making music with other people on key

  7. Listening to Frank (Sinatra)

  1. Being frank

  2. Taking an afternoon nap and waking up refreshed

  3. Bumping into someone you haven’t seen in years who says, “You haven’t changed a bit!”

  4. Knowing in certain ways that he doesn’t get and you aren’t about to explain, you have changed. .

  5. Having your haircut turn out exactly like the magazine picture you showed the stylist

  6. Staring at Michelangelo’s David

  7. The food in Italy

  8. Italy

  9. Returning a vicious spin in Ping-Pong

  10. Silence

  11. Running into the prom queen from your high school and wondering how she ever wore that crown

  12. Swimming 40 laps in a heated pool

  13. Having a lane to yourself

  14. Having a good laugh that’s not at someone else’s expense

  15. Having a grandchild

  16. Playing and snuggling with him

  17. Seeing what a loving parent your child has become

  18. Having the proper rejoinder at the party and not later when you’re flossing at home

  19. Having a friend with whom you can giggle about sex

  20. Fantasizing about sex

  21. Writing about sex

  22. And last, but far from least, remembering sex.

Your turn. Add any you wish in the comment section.


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