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Longer Walks, Smaller Plates, and No More Victoria’s Secret

Longer Walks, Smaller Plates, and No More Victoria’s Secret

The following are some of my resolutions for 2013.

  1. To stay fit, take longer walks.

  2. And use smaller plates.

  3. As often as I can, take long walks to restaurants where they don’t use small plates.

  4. Remind my husband of our division of labor when we eat at home using our smaller plates: when I cook, he cleans up and when he cooks, he cleans up.

  5. Smell the roses.

  6. And the fresh coffee.

  7. Remember to turn off the fresh coffee when I leave for a long walk or for the NYU faculty office where I write nowadays because it is very quiet there and we aren’t allowed to talk on our phones.

  8. Do not call my husband three times every morning from the faculty office to see if he turned off the coffee.

  9. Clean up my clutter.

  10. # 9 includes the piles of papers on the floor next to my desk and the piles of paper and clothes I stuck under the bed.

  11. Do not make new clutter.

  12. #9-11 are too ridiculous for words. Read articles in the women’s magazine about how to clean up clutter.

  13. If I don’t have time for #12, discuss my clutter with Judy.

  14. But not from the very quiet faculty office where everyone, hearing me on the phone each day, has been telling me to shut the f—k up.

  15. Remind myself of all the resolutions I made and didn’t keep last year, particularly those about not kvetching, procrastinating and gossiping.

  16. If # 15 is still too difficult, particularly the gossiping part, remember that Laura is not my only friend who knows a lot and talks fast. So do Janet, Rose, and Alice. Make sure to call them regularly, but not from the faculty office.

  17. In addition to flossing and brushing and taking longer walks and using smaller plates, continue: a. Loving b. Writing c. Laughing

18. Don’t break any more teeth. 19. Finish paying off my teeth men. 20. Do not get “fitted” at Victoria’s Secret ever again unless it is absolutely necessary.* 21. Meditate. 22. Continue connecting with my childhood friends. 23. Continue enjoying my new work at AARP. 24. Continue enjoying my family and friends, who all continue to enrich me. 25. Continue remembering.

*This may or may not be the subject of another blog.


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