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Hot Flashes/My Flashes—5 in July

1. I read Roald Dahl’s wonderful book, MATILDA, before seeing MATILDA on Broadway. Instead would have been fine. The little girl in the title role was terrific. Mesmerizing. But flashing lights and confetti do not cut it. There was no soul. No memorable tunes. Once upon a Frank Loesser/Richard Rogers time, we left the theater singing and humming. There is no bright golden haze in the meadow in the bloated musicals today.

2. But at the pool of a lovely New Hampshire hotel during the heat wave, in between swimming laps, I read Moira Egan’s HOT FLASH SONNETS. Talk about humor and heart. It’s all there in the 28 sonnets on arnica, changing bodies, forgetfulness, and ever so much more. Yes, I am of a certain age, but one need not experience “Weight Gain”, a “Clicking Knee”, “Mood Swings” or “Insomnia” to appreciate these gems. Egan’s sonnets resonate, too, with those who are not-quite-ready-for-AARP.

3. The coast line of Maine is better than post cards. A one-mile walk from Ogunquit to the docks at Perkins Cove along the rocky shore and then onto the sand for another few miles along Wells Beach with my in-laws and husband could not have been lovelier. The fried clams and lobster rolls were also not hard to take. I hope my in-laws invite me next summer.

4. Coming home from camp as a child was a let-down. This time it was a joy. Woody Allen said that even bad sex is good sex. For me, not-great-Woody is great. His new movie, BLUE JASMINE, is among his best. Seriously first-rate. Thank you, Cate and the entire cast. Thank you, Woody for your genius again.

5. There IS a bright golden haze on the meadow at my kids’ new apartment overlooking the Hudson and the setting sun. But the brightest, most golden haze is inside. My daughter and son-in-law–tender, loving parents–have made a warm, happy home. The team is Some Enchanted Family. My grandson is Some Enchanted Little Guy.


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