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1. As of the last NYU class, the bird was fine, substantially bigger and chirping. Thank you, Harry, for asking. The owner brought it (of course) in a larger plastic container along with a larger container of food. It goes by the name of Tweetie. Summer semester is over. Class has been dismissed. I’m hoping all’s still groovy.

2. Going forward, I will continue posting my blog on a weekday, but not always Tuesday.

3. My posts, like me, are getting shorter.

4. My New School writing class is too. No longer 15 sessions, it’s now 5. We will begin October 1.

5. On August 2, my mother would have been 100. Her perceptiveness, wit, moxie, and insistence on being her own person guide me Every Day. Her first best friend, Ruth, will be turning 100 in the near future. In 2009, in a surprising, sweet way, Ruth found me and is now my friend. More on that and what Ruth has become to me is blog for another time.

6. In a flashback scene in the book, WHERE DID YOU GO, BERNADETTE, Bee, her four-year-old daughter is with a playmate who announces she is bored. Instead of taking action, Bernadette explains that it only gets worse. She might as well stop complaining and start doing something about it. Right! That’s all our jobs. To make it unboring. Then. Now.

7. I don’t know the question. But according to nutritionists, women’s magazine writers, dieticians, Dr. Oz, and everyone else on Planet Earth, the answer is kale.


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