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Austin, Texas residents, you’re in luck! Mr. and Mrs. Mastman’s grandson is opening a deli for you. In Buffalo in the 1950s, Mastman’s Delicatessen, the only one in town, at the corner of Hertel and Colvin Avenues, was my little corner of heaven. The freshly baked chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting I got with my mother on weekdays filled me up big time. I can still hear my father telling every customer waiting in Sunday’s line–there was always a line on Sunday–every bridge hand he and his partner bid and played (and often won) in a masters’ duplicate tournament the previous week. When we got to the counter, he couldn’t remember the two items my mother sent him to buy: a pound of lean corned beef and a sliced rye. The corned beef sandwich at home later followed by 4 hours of TV* warded off my Sunday Night Blues.

To my dear Austin friend, Ruth P, think of me when you nosh.

Buffalo haunts and summer time…the livin’ is easy, but what I wouldn’t give for a Ted’s.

No hot dogs anywhere come close. A Ted’s stand along the Hudson River walk or at Washington Square or the Farmer’s Market would give New Yorkers something new to talk about. Allan R, you commented on my post that you don’t have hair. Do you have any pull?

To pull strings, not hair…which brings me to the end. Last week, I meant to invite you all to improve upon the closing, HAIRFULLY YOURS. To write a different way to sign off. With future contests, which will include prizes, I’ll be more explicit. Meantime, the hair winners, according to my impartial judges, are Joe for his limerick and Sybil, who found the contest s-tressful.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you for ‘shearing.’


*The Sunday Night Line Up: Lassie, Jack Benny, Ed Sullivan, The GE Theater, Alfred Hitchcock, The Loretta Young Show, and What’s My Line?


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