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A few years ago, at a party, I was talking with an acquaintance I see every few years. She pointed to one of my laugh lines and apropos of nothing we had been discussing said,

“You could use a little collagen.”

Nothing came out of my mouth so I didn’t tell her what she could use. The woman is a psychotherapist. Not mine. Thank God. Not mine.

I have not had collagen. Or Botox. Or any procedures on my face involving injections or knives. I use moisturizers. Regularly. Sort of like how I use the gym.

But my blog cannot be moisturized and I’ve been thinking it needs sprucin’ up. Many more people are reading it. I get new subscribers each week.

As Tevye says in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, “It’s a new world, Goldie.”

And…here is my new face. My new face minus a few items and links that will appear on the top in the near future.

My web designer/make-over artist is Max. Same name as my dad. Max did not use collagen, but rather his talent, know-how, and suggestions from my husband and me.

What do you think? If you leave a short comment, that would be lovely. If it’s very short and very positive, I’ll share it with my guys.




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