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Never say never, but I probably won’t. . .

Never say never, but I probably won’t:

  1. take a cruise

  2. buy stock in the Royal Caribbean Line

  3. visit friends in Buffalo, my hometown, this winter

  4. play every verse of every Pete Seeger song on the piano this week, but I’ll definitely be playing many

  5. stop feeling sad that the flowers are gone

  6. stop loving the music I grew up on

  7. ever have long, thin legs

  8. or organized closets

  9. or Antonio Banderas

  10. become a vegan

  11. or a vegetarian unless veganism or vegetarianism includes lox, eel rolls, and bacon

  12. write like Nabokov

  13. figure out what the buttons on the remote mean

  14. figure out why I should

  15. like anything on TV as much as I liked Mary, Archie Bunker, and Saturday Night Live with Gilda

  16. stop appreciating the kindness of strangers

  17. and the kindness of my family, friends, and blog readers

  18. ever stop missing my parents

  19. stop finding humorlessness deadly

  20. figure out how NOT to have insomnia

  21. stop writing blogs at 3:00 in the morning

  22. stop listening to the music and dancing anywhere I can

  23. except on a cruise. That’s a Never.

Dear New Subscribers,

There are many of you this week. Welcome! A few of you wrote me messages on Facebook asking when I started LOVE ‘N STUFF and which of the older posts are my favorites. I started it in Jan. 2012. My favorites include: The Joys of Not Doing Yoga, Hello Giraffe, You Can’t Get Pastrami at the Drugstore, The Grandfather Connection, and My Tech Diary from 1988 to the Present. There will be a contest in February. Hope you all enter. Thanks for being here.

Love ‘n Stuff,



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