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1. This dog was my husband’s seatmate on his Charleston flight last Thursday. The owner napped. The dog did not. When I asked Jonathan what kind of seatmate the dog was, he said, “I’ve had worse.” 2. On Thursday while Jonathan was petting his seatmate, I was uptown playing what I call Scrabble in a Scrabble tournament with regulars who’ve been playing in these weekly tournaments for 15 to 20 years. Many are experts. Four games with four different opponents who Bingo-ed consistently, knew all 2-7-letters words, and strategized brilliantly wowed and scared me. A good thing about being a newbie: I have only one way to go. 3. I am planning a contest for you—with a prize for the winner–in an upcoming post. If the experts do not kill me, it will probably be the next. 4. The New School Provost’s office gave me the email address of the mother of Will’s son so I could send my blog on his dad. The mom responded immediately. She thanked me. They loved it. She already knew about me, because of the stuffed bear I bought when her son was born 10 years ago. She wasn’t sure if Will ever told me that they had named the teddy bear ‘Nancy.’ 5. At a NYU Bookstore event I attended the other night with a friend, we noticed a woman buying WRITING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. Even after decades of doing what I do, seeing that made me giddy. I used to think the only people who read anything I wrote were my parents and Aunt Yetta. My friend told the woman I was the author. The woman glanced at the book photo, then at me and said, “I’m glad you changed your hair.” 6. In Charleston, Jonathan got a recipe for vegetarian chili from his business associate, which he made over the weekend. “So,” he said after my first taste. “I’ve had worse,” I said, mimicking him. The truth: It’s yummy. We’ve had it two nights and froze some for next week. The bigger truth—about the chili and everything to do with Jonathan–I’ve never had it better. 7. Walking through Washington Square on Saturday afternoon to Coles Sports Center, I stopped to listen to the pianist who wheels and plays his baby grand there. He is really, really good. And the experience of watching there is really, really cool. I’ve heard him play Rachmaninoff, Mozart, and a Chopin prelude I play, not outside and not as well. On Saturday, he was playing “Moonlight Sonata.” 8. Walking home from the gym through Washington Square on Saturday, I stopped again to hear the pianist. A crowd had gathered. He was playing “Moonlight Sonata” again. I wondered what pieces I missed when I was in the pool. When I put money in his cup again, I noticed it runneth over. 9. On Fifth Avenue close to home in the space that had been Mesa Grill, a store called Intimacy is opening this spring that specializes in runneth over cups. On the door and windows it says the following: BRA FIT SPECIALISTS. IT’S AMAZING WHAT THE RIGHT BRA WILL DO FOR YOU. Perhaps I’ll have a specialist ‘fit’ me. I want to be amazed. On the door and window it also says: NOBODY WILL SEE IT, EVERYONE WILL NOTICE. OVER 90 SIZES A TO K CUPS. Oy!!!! The neighborhood is always changing, always surprising, and always fun. I can’t wait for opening day.


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