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One Man and His Dog

Dear Readers, The next post will be a contest. Stay tuned.

In last week’s post, I wrote about a song my father taught me when I was a child and how the night before he died, he burst out singing it and asked me to join in. His behavior surprised, touched, and tickled me. Right up to the end.

I had no idea if my father made up that song about a man and his dog, if that song really existed and if it did, whether the man was actually going to mow a meadow or if Mowameadow was the name of a place.

Shortly after his death, I called my cousin, a librarian at a college library, and asked if she could do some research and see if the song exists. She claimed she never heard of it and couldn’t find anything on it.

Last week as My In-House Techie mounted my blog, I burst into ‘One Man and His Dog.’ Several months ago, I burst into ‘The Shoemaker Shop’ and without my asking, he found it on-line. Last Monday night, he quietly found ‘One Man Went to Mow.’ That’s the kind of guy he is. It’s among the reasons I married him.

WE started to post the song along with the blog about my father, but last week it didn’t feel right.

So please sing along to the video below.


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