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My Guest Blogger and My Contest Reminder

Dear Readers:

The deadline for your Sweet Summer Contest entries (see July 9 post) is extended to July 25. One of the two judges is out of town. You will have a chance to enter if you haven’t already or enter again if you wish. I will announce the winner here the week of July 28. A prize will be given to the winner. Please enter at the end of the July 9 post, not after this one.

Today is a first here. Michael Remson, a retired rabbi, my first cousin, officiator at my wedding and my favorite babysitter when I was little, had an op-ed piece published in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Tuesday called “Looking at Another Side of Same-Sex Marriage”. It’s excellent. It’s his first op-ed piece and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the first and only newspaper to which he submitted. He’s gotten tons of comments.

Feel free leave comments here if you wish. Here’s the link.


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