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What to Expect When You’re Expecting My Blog

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is filled with love, adventures, and great health for you all.

In recent months, people from Maryland, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Australia among other places, all strangers, not my relatives, friends, or students looking for an A have subscribed to LOVE ‘N STUFF. Thank you newcomers for finding my blog and me. Thank you long-timers for hanging in.

Barbara R., Ira, Mike, Helena, Joe, and my two dear Marjories–sister-in-law and friend—I appreciate your asking what’s been up with my blog. Other writing has taken over.

So I’m back. It’s the beginning of LOVE ‘N STUFF’s fourth year. My first post, January 17, 2012, had a New Year’s resolution list, “I Resolved to Keep My Sense of Humor” originally published on January 1, 2012 on the op-ed page of The Buffalo News. My January 8, 2013 post, “Longer Walks, Smaller Plates, and No More Victoria’s Secret” is another resolution list. Both were applicable for 2014 and will be for 2015. No need to trek you through another self-improvement list with stuff about my clutter, diet, and abs except to say I’ve resolved to count normally and NOT by twos when doing push-ups at the gym.

I’ll post here on Tuesdays when possible. On other days, when not. Once a week or every few. I’ll include what’s on my mind and in my heart. There’ll be regular contests for you. When I have a piece published in a newspaper or magazine—as will be the case next month—I’ll share it or give you the link. Most of the time, I’ll rant and muse.

My posts, like me, are getting shorter.

I love your comments. Bring ‘em on. I’m delighted you are here.

Love ‘N Stuff,



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