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24 Loves

Dear Readers:

The deadline for the “Is This Love Contest” has been extended to February 27. You still can enter. 35 words or less on a love of someone or something from any time in your life. Entries go in the comment section of the February 3 blog post. The winners will be announced here in the March 3 post.

Meantime, here are 24 of my loves:

  1. Solitude

  2. When the words come out right or close to it

  3. Dancing

  4. Hugging my loved ones

  5. Using all 7 letters on the triple-word score

  6. New York City

  7. My home

  8. Laughing

  9. A generosity of spirit

  10. Meatloaf the next day

  11. Dealing with technical stuff no days

  12. Tchaikovsky and Debussy

  13. Music that’s got soul, makes me dance, sing, listen, feel, and feel groovy

  14. My new classes

  15. My longtime friends

  16. Eel hand rolls

  17. At my regular haunts

  18. The sushi/sashimi for 2

  19. Sharing it with my husband

  20. My husband

  21. His cooking

  22. Our children and grandson

  23. Reading and singing with him all snuggled up in his cozy chair

  24. Being with the clan anywhere.


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