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22 Things I Don’t Like (there are more but I’m not going to bore you)

In the comments section of my February 17 blog post, “24 Loves,” Judy G. wrote, “So now we know what you love…how about your next list for all us curmudgeons…what you really don’t like. You can start with waterproof boots that are NOT!”

Okay, here goes:

  1. Waterproof boots that are NOT

  2. Leaving my grandson

  3. The closing of bookstores

  4. Not writing

  5. Most movies nowadays

  6. Know-it-alls

  7. Thinking accomplishments are about luck

  8. Thinking anything worthwhile is easy

  9. Kvetching

  10. Pompous asses

  11. Stinginess

  12. Mediocrity

  13. Humorlessness

  14. People on cell phones instead of in life

  15. Judgmental pricks

  16. The renaming of the house that George Balanchine built the David H. Koch Theater

  17. At the gym pool, more than 2 of us in a lane

  18. Playing victim

  19. Excuses

  20. Exclusiveness

  21. A lack of curiosity

  22. A lack of authenticity

The list is longer. I’ll spare you now, save them for another post, maybe expound upon them and some of the above 22 in op-ed essays, and discuss this and at least 22 other things on the phone with Judy G.

Love ‘N Stuff,



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