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Top 10 List about David Letterman’s Departure and Then Some

10. I didn’t watch it regularly. It was on too late for me.

9. It was too-a-lot-of-other-things, too.

8. No need or room for those here.

7. Still, endings are endings. I hate good-byes.

6. So I’ll be watching his final show because

5. It’s a last. A happening. A milestone event. Plus Letterman’s been touching me lately with his authenticity and sharing what’s in his heart. I loved the Jane Pauley interview.

4. And my prince and I will just be getting home from “The King and I.”

3. My neighbors will kill me if I sit down at my piano and play the score

2. So I’ll whistle a happy tune and turn on the tube

1. Hello Young Lovers, Shall We Dance?

Dear Readers:

Are you sad, mixed, or indifferent about Letterman’s departure? Are you a Letterman fan? A fan of old Broadway musicals? Do Rogers and Hammerstein make you burst into song? What about Frank Loesser? Lerner and Lowe? What show tunes are Something Wonderful for you?

I covered a LOT of ground and asked a whole lot of questions. This is one of those blogs. Feel free to share your answers about more than one of the above in the comment section below.

Love ‘N Stuff,



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