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1. My Buffalo News piece on my upcoming Bennett High reunion (Sept. 5, 2014 and posted on my blog Sept. 16, 2014) has been reprinted in the current issue Reunions The editor asked what ‘weck’ is and added the explanation I gave her: “weck is kimmelweck, a salty kaiser roll. It’s very Buffalo.” A reader from Delaware sent me a note saying he hoped to try roast beef on kimmelweck one day. Another from Colorado said it sounds delicious. It is. Better with horseradish. Have any of you non-Buffalonians tasted–ever heard of–roast beef on kimmelweck?

2. My knee and I just had our second physical therapy session with Derek. The orthopedist thinks I dislocated my patella. Derek thinks my meniscus is torn. Neither think roast beef on weck is causing the pain, but they agree: NO MORE ZUMBA FOR ME.

3. My current AARP column, “6 Great Places to Meet People” was posted on May

15. If you are considering dating(‘dating’–isn’t that the most ridiculous word at our age? at any age?), or have friends and relatives who want to date and you think it’s your business to help them, here’s the link: Best Places to Meet People

4. The other night, while watching Paul induct Ringo into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, instead of getting high with a little help from my friends, I played Scrabble with my favorite big guy. Guess who used all seven letters with SCENERY on a triple-word score. (Hint: not the one icing her patella or meniscus.)

5. On my next blog post, there will be a contest for you. Stay tuned.

6. The pianist, who wheels his baby grand to Washington Square Park, was there on Thursday night near the arch playing Rachmaninoff, Chopin and Schubert. Oh what a night! And what a New York treasure!

7. It poured during my morning play date with my favorite little guy. Instead of going to Central Park, we snuggled up with books, looked out his bedroom window and counted yellow taxi cabs, sang his new songs from music class, and got Play Doh all over everything. Words can’t describe my glee and love. He is—will always be–My Treasure!!


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