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The Winners…

We all won last week with the same sex marriage ruling. Talk about wonderful! Talk about great!

About the Dad contest on my blog: those of you who entered were all winners, too. I love your entries. I laughed. I was touched. My blog judges were also moved and amused by what you all wrote. Again, they had a hard time picking only one.

They just got back to me to say they decided on Joel’s entry:

Herb was always there. Every summer in the hospital, when a procedure would certainly be very painful, he’d hold out two big fingers and say “squeeze, no big deal”. I got my wise-guy sense of humor from him and a love for ‘breakfast specials’. Most important- just be there.

Congratulations to you, Joel.

And to you all. Thank you Everyone for showing up here and for communicating with me. Enjoy the weekend.

As Herb taught Joel, JUST BE THERE.

Love ‘N Stuff,



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