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My Heroes

Thurs. two days before the bike event: I bought the healthy snacks my wonderful AARP editor, Allan, a long distance biker, told me to buy for my husband: bananas, peanut butter, apples, oranges, and Fig Newtons. I ate them.

Friday, the day before the event: My stepson, Matt, had no room in his car for Jonathan’s bike and me. There was room and great air conditioning in the quiet car of the train where I joyfully sat with my legal pad.

In Newton at my sister-and-brother- in-law’s, I ate more ziti, lasagna, and spaghetti than the contenders. I did not work it off on an after-dinner walk with Kodi, my niece’s and nephew’s Golden Retriever. Kodi and I bonded.

Event Day: Matt, Margie, Buzz (my in-laws) and I missed Jonathan and Jeff at the first two water stops. I got a scenic tour of most of Massachusetts. At the 60-mile stop, we caught up with J and J. They looked better than we did. The bananas, candy bars, and other snacks were terrific. I ate more than the contenders. Mostly, we felt Jill with us.

To the Cape Cod finish line: J and J arrived on their bikes before we did. The seven-hour car ride provided me with a scenic tour of the rest of Massachusetts and Basic Training for my upcoming car ride to Buffalo for my Bennett High reunion.

Ah, the finish line: Jonathan and Jeffrey crushed it. The spirit of the day was amazing.

Sat. night: We went out for dinner with my adorable great niece and nephews. Kodi, my newest love, appeared at the side of my bed at 3:00am and spent the rest of the night on the floor inches away, panting. J and I became the first relatives outside Kodi’s immediate family whom he roomed with. Talk about family bonding.

J’s and J’s accomplishment and the amount of money they raised for Dana Farber Cancer Institute are awesome. Mostly though, every day and in every way, we feel our beautiful daughter/sister/niece, and cousin, Jill, with us.


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