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7 Major Musical Events the First 2016 Weekend

  1. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year’s Day Concert playing Strauss filled me up inside.

  2. So did joining my grandson Sunday in The Super Soccer Stars Song after watching him at Super Soccer Stars. And then singing his other greatest hits with him including: Sweet Baby James and his latest one: We are Family.

  3. On the heels of seeing FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, I played the score on the piano. My husband accompanied me with His Version of Singing.

  4. THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY was on TV at 3:00 am. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty Peggy Sue. Holly’s music brought up stuff for me. More about that in a future post.

  5. Abbey Lincoln’s voice went well with Jonathan’s vegetable stew.

  6. More amazing jazz followed on 60 MINUTES with Joey Alexander—age 12—playing piano.

  7. One of the guys from #1-6 above put on Sinatra. We did Our Version of Dancing.

Hi All,

Feel free to comment on the music you are hearing and/or making.

Love ‘N Stuff,



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