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Each spring, several months before we got on the bus to camp, Uncle Lou, the owner/director of Tamakwa—the Big Beaver or Unca as we called him–sent out a ‘What to Bring’ list. The first area before Clothing, Toiletries, Bedding, and Optional was Yourself. Under Yourself were the following three items:

  1. a sense of humor

  2. a desire to learn

  3. a willingness to share

All were necessary for Algonquin Park summers. All are necessary for the rest of life.

Bring ‘em to school now and wherever else you go. Bring whatever else you’ll need. I made a list of several other items I think are important…and then I hit ‘delete.’ Better you figure out what you’ll be needing in addition to Uncle Lou’s ‘musts.’

I can’t wait to meet my new students and continue with my Wednesday night group.

New York University, Getting Personal in Print-2 sessions: Thurs. 6:30-9pm, Oct. 16-23 or call 212-998-7150.

Hunter College, 1 session-Oct. 9-Thurs, 6-9 pm. How to Write and Sell the Personal Essay. Register at the Continuing Education department (212) 650-3850.

Note: Upcoming September blogs include: a few words about being a teacher, a profile(I think), and a contest with a prize for the winning entry.


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