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A New Site, a New Book, A New Look

My new very smart phone is enough of a change. Change. The cheese just moves and moves.

My assistant, John, my former student, and my husband, Jonathan, who is not my ‘former’ anything, worked together, separately, and tirelessly designing this website. Brava! Yay J and J!

Fishs Eddy at 889 Broadway in NYC between 18 and 19th Streets has posters of my FINDING MR. RIGHTSTEIN cover in the windows, at the entrance, and outside the door. Step inside June 8 at 6:00 for a reading and talk. I’ll get off the floor.

On June 15 at 7:00, Judy Hannan and I will be at Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore at 939 Lexington Avenue, between 68 and 69th Streets.

Feel free to leave a comment or write me on this website under the word ‘Contact.’ I’ll see you and talk to you soon.


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