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Try to Remember

First, updates in italics:

--I appreciate that you love my website and wrote to me in the ‘Contact’ session.

--People asked about classes. My New School one-day workshop June 17 is brand new. Go to ‘Classes’ on my website for registration information.

--A FINDING MR. RIGHTSTEIN talk on June 29 at The Buffalo and Erie County Library—noon to 1:00--was just added. It’s listed under ‘Events.’

--I’ll post here more frequently. Much is happening. I love it here.

So when THE FANTASTICKS’ press representative offered me tickets, I got 3 and took my favorite big and little guys to Saturday’s matinee.

The little guy sat on his grandpa’s lap, enthralled for 45 minutes. Then we went to the restroom, explored the lobby and I suggested leaving. Nope. For the rest of Act 1, we moved around and tried out 4 other empty seats, one near the sound and light booth, another near the piano and harp players. During intermission, I again suggested leaving.

The little guy, singing “Try to Remember,” wanted to stay, not just to talk to the harp player, which he did. During Act 2, we moved to other empty seats. Twice. The big guy napped.

Try to remember when life was so tender

And dreams were kept beside your pillow.


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