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21 Great Things about This Summer and A Contest for You

  1. Finding my old white cotton slacks

  2. Fitting into them

  3. Watching the pianist at Washington Square playing his baby grand

  4. Two days in Canandaigua at a pool by the lake, two nights of huge ice cream cones

  5. Tons of mail from FINDING MR. RIGHTSTEIN readers

  6. Selling every copy at my Talking Leaves Books reading

  7. Eating Ted’s hot dogs after with my Buffalo friends

  8. And roast beef on kimmelweck for my other meals

  9. My Just Buffalo Literary Center workshop—the attendees wrote so well

  10. My Buffalo and Erie County Library talk on memoir writing

  11. The woman in the first row who laughed. And laughed. And laughed

  12. The support of my Buffalo people

  13. The love of my family

  14. My California visit

  15. The dinner my daughter and son-in-law made the first night and our shared laughter

  16. Our laughter at every meal and in between

  17. Every moment with them and with my grandchildren at the pool, the beach, the farmers market, everywhere

  18. Our snuggles and hugs

  19. So much fun

  20. So much good food

  21. And still fitting into my old white cotton slacks.

Contest: In 50 words or less, write about something great that you’ve experienced this summer. Enter it on the ‘Contact’ page on my website: by July 26

Buffalo News Life & Arts Section Article "Nancy Davidoff Kelton, author of FINDING MR RIGHTSTEIN on How to Write From the Heart" Link to Article


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