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My Biker Guy, Woody and Phil

My husband’s bike went to Boston today. In my stepson Matthew’s car. Jonathan and I will take the train to Boston Friday. He will ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge Saturday with our nephew, Jeff, in loving memory of our niece, Jill. Jeff and Jonathan rode last August. Those of us in the car following them got to the finish line after they did. I hope we have better directions Saturday. My biker guy is better prepared.

Woody Allen’s “Café Society,” while not “Annie Hall” or “Manhattan” or one of his many other gems, is totally worth-seeing and beautifully shot. The choices we make and the regrets with which we live are among the major threads. I’d regret not seeing a Woody movie. With or without the humor in “Sleeper” he gives viewers so much to chew on, mull over. I get a lot from his work.

My second movie this week—a rarity, so is one—was “Indignation.” PEN/America had a screening. I liked the book. A good adaption of a Philip Roth novel—of any literary novel—is a feat. The director, James Schamus, and his cast pulled it off.


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