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September Stuff

1. School days, school days: My husband is not going to his high school reunion. The committee emails him updates, anyway. Last week’s said cheerleaders get a discount. Does anyone else wonder why?

2. Nine students, who’ve been in my home workshop from one to nine years, returned for the fall semester, not because they flunked. They’re good writers.They’re committed to the process. They brought their best manuscripts to the first fall session last Wednesday. An exciting night!

3. Sept 27: My New School ‘Writing from Personal Experience’ class begins.All new students. I love that journey, too.

4. Between classes: I bought a beige sofa. Lighter beige with a narrower seat than my current beige sofa on which I look and feel like Lily Tomlin’s Edith Ann. To donate it to Housing Works, I made two calls, filled out a lengthy form, took pictures and now wait. Donating is harder than teaching, harder than getting into college.

5. The grey pants I bought in Bloomingdale’s on sofa-buying day do not need shortening. A rarity for me. When a sofa, pants, anything, or anybody fits, it’s a hallelujah day.

6. I’ll wear the pants to one of the two faculty parties Wed/Thurs this week at 63 Fifth Avenue. During both, I’ll be on hand at the new New School store on the first floor to sign copies of FINDING MR. RIGHTSTEIN. If you live or work nearby, stop in.

7. Sept. 29 Event I’m giving a workshop at the NYU Bookstore from 6-7:30 for aspiring to longtime writers. Refreshments. Inspiration. (Check out 'events' and 'classes' here at for other workshops and talks).

8. I pulled out “llama, llama, red pajama” and reread it after author Anna Dewdney died last week. Simple. Touching. The greats sure make it look easy. Ha!

9. My favorite little guy is turning 4.My present is about music. I am turning ‘something else.’ My favorite big guy’s present is also about music. I’m grateful for the music. On Birthdays. Everyday.


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