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New Sofa, New Month, New Year

New Sofa, New Month, New Year

1. Donating furniture is harder than getting into college, as I wrote here before. Our sofa was rejected. Housing Works didn’t say why. Then, an acquaintance wanted it, moved it with assistance to his apartment, and now loves taking naps.

2. After my NYU Bookstore event Thursday, an attendee told me she took my New School class 27 years ago, had an essay she wrote in class published, moved out of NY, recently retired, moved back in August, and signed up for my October 15 workshop. “Time to get cracking again,” she said.

3. “Heisenberg” is giving me lots to chew on. The performances and the writing—Wow!! The actor, Denis Arndt, is making his Broadway debut at age 77. That’s a lot to chew on, too!

4. At age 5, Mo Willems wrote Charles Schultz and asked, “Can I have your job when you’re dead?” That was on the audio at The New York Historical Society Willems exhibit. Lucky for us, Elephant, Piggy and the Pigeon came alive. Later this month, a new Willems character, Nanette, will make her debut.

5. My favorite big guy bought the original art work of my ‘Finding Mr. Rightstein’ cover for my birthday. Simply beautiful!

6. My favorite little guy’s birthday party is Saturday. Time to get packing. California, here I come!


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