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What I Expect When I Expect To Be in Buffalo This Week

Larkin Square

--Ted’s hot dogs

--no snow, I hope

--no sleet either, I don’t own a rain bonnet and if I did, I wouldn’t wear it

--a talk about “Finding Mr. Rightstein” with Leslie Zemsky at Larkin Square, Thursday, October 20 at 5:30

--schmoozing with relatives and friends

--Anderson’s frozen custard, probably chocolate

--Anderson’s beef on weck

--an interview at Entercom Studios with Penny Wolfgang for her radio show. It will be broadcast next weekend and available to listen via podcast (details in my next blog)

--beef on weck a second time I’m-not-sure-where. My Buffalo friends like Charlie the Butcher’s. Isn’t it so cool that beef of weck got top billing in a NY Times Travel section article on upstate food (Oct. 16,2016)?

--a drive by Bennett, PS #66, my house on North Drive, my friends’ houses, Grandma Cohen’s on Jewett Parkway and Grandma Davidoff’s on Colvin Ave

--Bennett and Buffalo, thine forever. I’m going and coming home.


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