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Good Sunday, Baltimore

We didn’t see the flasher who lives next door, the drunk on the barroom stool, or discuss the election until dinner and then for three minutes. I was:

--at the Baltimore Museum of Art with my Passager editor, Kendra. She introduced me to the Cone sisters. A treat! So were the Matisses, the sculptural garden, and time with Kendra.

--at The Ivy Book Shop event with Marion Winik. First I read the sections from Finding Mr. Rightstein on famous penises. Two famous penises. The third, not a famous one, figures into my memoir, but why spill the penis beans here?

--interviewed by Marion. She’s smart and funny in person just as she is on the page and she asked such thought-provoking questions. I’m still thinking.

--enjoying every minute. At The Ivy, Ed, the owner, welcomed me with his warmth, comfortable chairs, open space, kindness, and great books all around. I schmoozed before and after with him, new friends in the audience, and the rest of my terrific Passager team: Mary, my other book editor, and Christine, my managing editor.

--enjoying our group dinner: like everyone and everything else in Baltimore last Sunday, the crab cakes were a treat.


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