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A Gratitude List Including News from Barnes & Noble

I was thankful last week. I am thankful always. I'm adding a new Barnes & Noble item to my gratitude list. First, my deepest thanks for:

--my family, beautiful inside and out

--their health, mine, our love and laughter

--an upcoming December visit that will include:

a. the youngest family member sleeping in my room in a crib

b. the second youngest wanting to take a # 1 subway with me and still wanting to hold my hand

--work that engages and fulfills me

--supportive longtime friends who get me and with whom I fit

--a neighborhood in which I fit in

--its restaurants and the Farmer’s Market at which I am a ‘regular’


--this space to share my gratitude with you, dear new and longtime readers.

I want to thank Barnes & Noble Union Square for making my memoir, Finding Mr Rightstein, a staff pick. Getting an email yesterday with this news and then going to the store to see it on both the ‘Staff Recommends’ table and on the ‘Odd, Curious, and Cool’ table near the entrance is making me skip around.


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