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Endings, Beginnings, and Kindness ‘n Stuff

Simply put, 2016 was quite a year. My take on the election shock, deaths of legends, and other huge changes and losses add little to what’s been so eloquently said. Below are reflections on my own moments, thoughts, and truths.

My mother-in-law, Doris Zich, the star of my December 6 blog, "From Zadie Smith to Doris Zich", died December 24 at age 99. She was a spirited, gracious woman, grateful for all she had. I am grateful I got to know her and spend time with her and grateful I can love and be loved by her son.

Our favorite almost-1-year-old girl, born at the beginning of 2016, slept in a crib in our room last week. Early mornings listening to her sounds, holding her, seeing her smile, and reading ‘The King’ over and over as she helped turn pages just as her mother had done at her age fills me up more than I can put into words. So does taking her 4-year-old brother on the F-train, the 14th Street double bus, and throughout our lobby on the building luggage rack. Every moment with them and their wonderful, loving parents are My Tops.

The publication of ‘Finding Mr. Rightstein’ has been terrific. The launch with spring and fall signings, readings, talks, interviews, and workshops were well-attended and great. Tons of fun for me. After this holiday hiatus, I’ll be offering more events. I've begun listing them under ‘events’ on my website: Thank you friends and family for your support, for getting the word out, for attending multiple events, for buying multiple copies of the book and continuing to do so, for arranging readings, talks, and book club appearances on my behalf.

Ann Lamott wrote that Kindness bats last. I’ll drink to that. Let’s add Showing Up. Showing up quietly and lovingly. I so appreciate all my “Show-er Uppers.” Kindness, Showing Up, a Sense of Humor, a Generosity of Spirit, Gratitude, and Love: For me, those all bat last. I now raise my glass to Doris Zich, my parents, Jonathan, my beautiful children, grandchildren, stepchildren, and to you all.

Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer said that there’s nothing out there. That the way we perceive the world is how we feel inside. I’ll attribute this Big Truth to ‘Deep.'

May you all feel peaceful inside. May 2017 bring you peace and joy!

Love 'n Stuff,



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