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Last night, I fell asleep watching LOVE ACTUALLY after Bill Nighy as the rock star, Billy Mack, shows up at his manager’s apartment and tells him he’s the love of his life. A lump formed in my throat as it invariably does during that scene and during several others in the movie.

LOVE ACTUALLY is touching. Comforting, except for the few stories that aren’t. You know which those are.

I love the Brits on screen, on stage, and on the page.

I love my husband more. I don’t typically profess such things on my blog, but you already know about my late-ish life romance and marriage from reading, FINDING MR. RIGHTSTEIN.*

And…with Bill Nighy, Liam Neeson and his movie stepson tugging at my heart again, President Obama surprising Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the huge, awful, sad good-bye to them this week and scary hellos, why not? I express my gratitude and love to my kids and grand kids in emails, letters, and wherever I can more nowadays, too.

I’d write a love song to Jonathan if the good notes weren’t already taken.** I am content and grateful to share my Love ‘N Stuff here.

* FINDING MR. RIGHTSTEIN, is required reading in many college literature courses and has been recommended with incredibly kind words by Jessie Randall on her blog

** The line “The good notes are already taken” is my dear friend, Judy Garfield’s. She said that when we sat at my piano and wrote songs together despite our melodies and lyrics being pretty groovy.


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