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The Strand

The people who work at the Strand Bookstore, among my favorite places and my regular haunt since I moved to New York in 1967, do not call my husband, Jonathan, “Mr. Nancy,” like the people at Japonica, my neighborhood restaurant, do. We go to the Strand more than we do Japonica and I go there alone several times a week and at all hours. I buy books. I browse. I buy more books. I go there before and after I go for a Mr. Softie, a gelato, to Duane Reade, or to the gym. I go to the Strand instead of the gym.

The staff began learning my name last year when they ordered my books. They sold out. And reordered.

Kaylen, the event manager, invited me to offer a writing workshop on August 23 from 6:30-8:30. She emailed me photos of the tote bags they will put my memoir, Finding Mr. Rightstein, in, and the other goodies she’ll include. Nick, her colleague, followed up with the website wording, asking for my suggestions. We emailed back and forth a few times that day. A week later, Lila, a book buyer, asked for my publisher’s contact information to order books. Quinn, a bookseller, put flyers out at the 5th Avenue/20th Street location.

Eloise says, "ooooo I absolutely love The Plaza." Ooooo I absolutely love the Strand. I've absolutely loved it even before working with the kind, warm, professional staff.

And ooooo, I absolutely love teaching. The only song I will sing is the one-stanza Davidoff Sister Song, which I wrote at age 6. My students know it. It gets people writing. In their own voices. Fast.

Space is limited. Advanced registration is highly recommended. Julie Gaines, host of my first book event at her store Fishs Eddy/my onetime student, and author of the upcoming Memoir of a Small Business Woman (Very Small) which she wrote in my class, has registered. Other students and friends have, too. Here is how to register: 1. go to; 2. Press 'Event Admission'; and 3. on the Event Page press 'Add to Bag'

I promise you a fun, inspiring evening. Mr. Nancy will be there.


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