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'Unusual Friend' Winners

Greetings from CA where I celebrated my birthday with my family and am now spending the week with my two little grandchildren, who make my heart sing.

I may share more about my milestone birthday in an upcoming blog. Now I’m posting the results of the August 31 ‘unusual friend’ contest blog. I asked 2 people to be the judges. I could not be impartial. I know some of you.

All the entries were sweet, funny, touching, good. The two judges picked Mickey’s first entry about the priest and the car and Judy G.’s about striking up a conversation with a woman in the mail room of her NYC apartment building.

Check out the August 31 ‘comment’ section to read the entries.

Brava to the winners! Brava to all!

Love ‘n Stuff,


p.s. The next contest will not have so much writing and will be a lot less work.


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