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Windows 10 and My Geek Squad

My new computer arrived last Wednesday. I was afraid to take it out of the box.

A person from the Geek Squad arrived Friday. He took it out, set it up, and explained uploading, downloading, browsers, drives, speeds, and Windows 10.

“You understand what I’m saying?” he asked more than once, not letting me near it.

More than once, I shook my head. “I learn by doing,” I said.

Tutoring would be another additional charge. The first was setting my new printer* which he did after uploading ‘necessary’ programs, which he said will slow the process in the beginning,** then mentioned that this model has had problems. Nothing serious. If I find any, I could return or exchange it within 30 days. I was then allowed a few minutes in front of it.

“Anything you want to say before I leave?” he asked.

“Yes. I’m not comfortable using it,” I said.

He left. I left, too. I was afraid to be in my apartment with my new computer.

On Saturday, I left when Jonathan left for his office so I could use a computer in the New School faculty room. On Sunday, we sat down together to get it going. It didn’t go. It wheezed. We couldn’t open ‘word,’ email, or use my new software program, which is why I got a new computer and windows 10. I need the program for my current project.

I called the Geek Squad. Three times. Twice we lost the connection. My home office phone has problems. With the third call, I was told there’d be a 20-minute wait. If I choose to hang up, someone would call me within a half hour.

No Geek Squadders called. Within a half hour. Or at all. Sunday night, Jonathan tried “a little something” he does when his computer freezes. It worked. I got comfortable enough to load my new software program.

The program has a zillion formatting, uploading, and downloading instructions. When Jonathan left for work yesterday and this morning, I left, too. I’m afraid to be alone in the apartment with the program.

*I bought my last printer at Staples when I had no man or Geek Squad in my life. With a phone call to my salesperson, I hooked it up by myself. And I’m the most technically challenged person I know.

**My process isn’t just slow at the beginning.


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