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Weinstein ‘n Franken ‘n Stuff

Since the Harvey Weinstein stuff broke, a day has not gone by without other men being called out, and women coming forward with Me Too stories and information. I assume you’re thinking about it, discussing it with family and friends, and having opinions, possibly mixed and changing.

I have nothing brilliant or new to add, just some thoughts and feelings.

I got very angry and very sad today about Al Franken’s resignation and then listening to his speech. I wished he had said, “I’d consider resigning if the man in the Oval Office resigns first. His history of sexual assaults, about which he has publicly bragged, is far more disgusting and disgraceful.” Franken has done a lot for women. Bless him!

I’ve wondered since the beginning with Weinstein how much the actors, writers, directors, and all who were produced by his company knew all along. Did they? Did they pretend not to? Did they look the other way? What about all the politicians?

Do I think things will change going forward? I hope so. I’ll do my part.

I’ve thought about three scumbags I’ve encountered: a man, with whom I had two dates, I got rid of him in seconds--and a doctor and lawyer. I walked out of their offices before anything happened.

Two of my closest friends mentioned just this week that sleazes never came onto them. I reminded one of a sleaze who had. Which reminded me of Nora Ephron writing about interning for JFK and wondered what was wrong with her. She was the only one he didn’t hit on.

Taking care of myself and speaking up--my parents encouraged me to do so. Bless them. Although I’m too old and too happily married for outside sexual assaults, I am direct and vocal when I am judged, erased, excluded, dismissed, and treated unkindly. I hope you are, too.

Yesterday, on the phone with my friend, Judy, I read her the Times ‘arts’ piece on John Oliver ‘tangling’ with Dustin Hoffman about his accused sexual misconduct in 1985. This occurred in a panel discussion NOT on that topic at the 92nd Street Y. Really, John Oliver? Really?

This morning, discussing that with my husband, he asked, “When do we stop looking backwards at someone’s life?” Something to chew on.

Feel free to comment or ‘chew’ on any of the above.

Love ‘n Stuff, Nancy


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