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Woody’s New Movie and My New Leak

Before the leak, we had 2 bathrooms. We’re down to one plus a room with a pail on the toilet, plastic covering the floor and sink, and a hole and bubbles in the ceiling onto which the people upstairs dripped.

I freaked out with the doorman’s unexpected 6:00 am wake-up call, telling us about the problem in our bathroom (the one we had redone last year) near the kitchen and that the handyman thought it came from the apartment above, but wasn’t sure. The tenants weren’t home. Or not answering their door. The water in our line was turned off.

During a break from writing, I called my friend, Judy, who reminded me of my previous leaks in other rooms. We moved onto other topics including: our families. Our kids and their kids are all right. Far more than all right. They’re terrific. My leak became the teeniest annoyance.


I saw ‘Wonder Wheel,’ liked it, loved Kate Winslet’s performance and character. Whether he’s funny or serious, Woody Allen writes terrific women. The negative reviews surprised me. And didn’t. ‘Wonder Wheel’ isn’t ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’ or ‘Crimes and Misdemeanors.’ It isn’t ‘Annie Hall,’ but what is?

And we’re living in the #MeToo era.

I am more supportive and gung-ho now than I was when the Harvey Weinstein stuff broke. I am optimistic things will be different.

I know people who don’t see Woody Allen’s movies. Whether he has done anything wrong or not is a whole other story. How does one separate an artist’s work from his personal life? And what other American filmmaker has given us so many thought-provoking movies, such rich female characters, so many great lines, and such humor?

Kate Winslet’s character has been the subject of discussions in my house and with friends. She’s timeless. She’s all of us. We’re lucky we have a filmmaker who gives us something on the page and screen to chew on.

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I appreciate you all showing up here and I wish you a Happy, Healthy New Year filled with love, laughter, and adventures.

Love ‘n Stuff,



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