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On Saturday, before buying presents at Fishs Eddy, I went out for breakfast with the owner, Julie, my onetime student/now friend. She showed me on her cellphone the writing advice I had given her. It included getting out of her way and doing it.

Regularly. Preferably daily. No matter what was going on in her life and her store.

Julie is the only person—at least the only one I know of—who has my advice on her phone. She follows it, too. In October, her memoir, MINDING THE STORE, much of which she wrote in my Wednesday night workshop, is coming out.

Over our oatmeal and eggs, we talked. About men (Hers. She was going on a third date that evening. A doctor). Exercise routines (Mine. She doesn’t have one). Hair (Hers because it’s different. New. So is the doctor). Books (Mine and hers).

I suggested she launch MINDING THE STORE with a reading/talk at Fishs Eddy. She hosted my first FINDING MR. RIGHTSTEIN event there among the dishes and glasses. No one broke a thing.

After our breakfast, we went to her second floor office for a peek at new cups. And at illustrated book pages. I agreed to look at just a small section. I want the published book to be a surprise.

Downstairs, I shopped. Then we went outside to her window with a picture of the White House and the list of people who resigned or were fired by Trump. (That’s where we are in the above picture.) Every Monday, the store manager adds names.

On Sunday, I showed the Fishs Eddy window to my husband and stepson. The list is longer now.

Someone is minding the store.


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