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Simple Rules for Life

Home from a wonderful 13-day trip to Oregon and California seeing family, friends, and much in between. The ride along the Pacific coast is grand. Car trips take me back to the best of my childhood. Relaxing. Fun.

Less relaxing and fun is coming home to the pipe explosion in our Flatiron ‘hood. TV camera crews, so much additional security, Con Ed representatives, and American Red Cross nurses are stationed a block away. And will remain there. Last night, we attended an asbestos meeting in the school across the street. Although our building seems to be out of the contamination area from which residents evacuated, we’ve arranged to have inspectors give our apartment an air quality test.

I’ll write a new blog soon.

Meantime, here is a list of rules my husband emailed me Tuesday morning, our second day back at work, while he was meeting with a belligerent colleague.

Simple Rules for Life

1. Be kind to others. Know that other people are doing the best they can with the resources they have.

2. Be kind to yourself. YOU are doing the best you can with the resources you have.

3. Never stop growing and striving for more from yourself.

4. Be willing to let go and FORGIVE yourself and others.

5. SMILE! It’s all working out as it’s supposed to.

Jonathan dealt with his colleague in his usual kind, low-keyed way.

I wanted to post a photo here of Jonathan’s kind face. You can picture him.


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