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Inspired by Trump’s claim that he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, Nicholas Kristof wrote this gem for the NY Times op-ed page.

My young, strong, gem of a biker guy rode 88 miles Saturday in the Dana Farber Pan Mass Challenge from Wellesley to Bourne, Mass. And drove home to NYC Saturday night. Great bones! Great muscles! Great spirit. Great guy!

People weighing in on Toni Morrison's death have written so eloquently about her and her work. Those sharing stories about meeting her say the experience was life changing and that her warmth, brilliance, humor, wisdom and empathy shine through in her every word and action. I have had the privilege and pleasure of reading her books. Her books! Lucky us for all she has written. Talk about life changing. I am about reread “The Bluest Eye.” RIP Toni Morrison. You are BELOVED.

Jonathan and I hadn’t planned on seeing “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Between the book and movie, we thought we’d done it. Upon finding out our neighbor plays Scout and won a Tony, we changed our minds.

Wow! Talk about great acting. A great character. Kindness and our common humanity. Speaking to the Klansman in her amazing Scout way. Taking Boo Radley’s hand. Walking him home.

Thank you, Scout.

All Rise!!!!!


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