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The Heckler ‘n Other September Stuff

At Writers’ Night at a Chelsea bar, my talented friends, Mindy and Stephanie, read their work and my play section with me.

The heckler, who joined us, is not pictured here. He was at the bar. Man, was he loud!

Repertory theaters and play festivals without bars have begun accepting my play and short sections of it for staged readings. I’ll post information on my website soon under ‘events.’

Hecklers: don't bother reading. Or attending. Go to the bar or stay home.

Longtime and new members of my Wed. night writing workshop had an excellent first night. They have what to write about. And write well.

So do some of my family members. Touching and funny stories, observations, and essays have been emerging from them. My heart soars.

It soared, too, watching the CBS Sunday Morning segment about 6-year- old Finn Daly in West Hartford. He has Down syndrome, is autistic, and finds comfort and joy looking at American flags. A neighbor with a flag Finn liked made a bench on which he sits and enjoys it.

An act of kindness.

This is my birthday week. Lotsa candles. Lotsa thinking. Lotsa love. No room at the inn for negative stuff.

Kindness and a generosity of spirit are where it's at.


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