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From Agador to Almadovar

Two Saturdays ago, I sat down next to Agador in Washington Square. His good looks and outfit turned me on. According to his owner, Agador likes wearing his sweater on a cold day, which it was. We didn’t discuss his glasses.

We watched the talented twins, Tic and Tac, do their fun, well-honed act. I didn’t see them last weekend. I think it’s gotten too cold and they are done performing at the park until spring.

Indoor entertainment includes: not cooking, restaurants, prepping for my colonoscopy, the colonoscopy (I’m fine), writing the essay I am reading at the December 15 Otto’s event (would love to have you join us if you live in NYC or nearby)

a 10-minute reading from my play, “Finding Mr. Rightstein,” at the Fifth Avenue Theatre Debut of short works, revising, and seeing Almodóvar’s beautifully written, directed, and acted movie, “Pain and Glory” at the Angelika in their tiniest theater with only 50 seats and reserved seating.

If one has to sit in the second row, getting a stiff neck looking at the screen, it helps to stare at close-ups of Antonio Banderas. I don’t have photos of us together, other than in my mind’s eye, but I am thankful for Antonio Banderas.

I am thankful for SO MUCH MORE.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Love ‘n Stuff,



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