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In January, I filled up in CA with love, laughter, surprises, and moments dear to my heart. Last week back in NYC, I filled up:

--as a playwright at a theater. Four actors I chose from head shots superbly read a 10-minute section from my play before an audience I did not know. Many members shared kind words after.

--reading Elizabeth’s Strout’s wonderful new book, “Olive, Again.”

I highly recommend it to you and will recommend to my Wed. night class which is filled with 10 longtime and new writers who have strong voices, much to say, and are getting their excellent work published. Three members were absent at Session 1 this semester when I took the above photo.

Not filled yet are my March 26 Strand workshop at 6:30 pm. Link

and my 2-session New School workshop March 28 and April 4 (registration/information is under “Events” on my website: You’ll be excited, inspired, challenged, and writing from your best selves. Come join us!

When I phoned my student, Ellie, an absentee last Wednesday, to check on her health, she asked if I saw her comment on my January 16 blog post saying Hercules’ penis is small. I hadn’t. It wasn’t posted. We weren't sure why. I asked her to repost. Her repost, Comment #5, is at the end of my January 16 blog. I’m not reposting my photo of Hercules. Or his penis. It is small. It broke. Or something. The statue, sculpted from marble in 125 AD, was unearthed in 1790. Only parts were restored.


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