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Healing Voices

On Friday night June 2, Art House Productions in Jersey City held a terrific event called “Healing Voices” in its beautiful new theater. A 10-minute section of my full-length play was accepted and read along with the works of 9 other writers. The actors enhanced our words.

Those of you who have been supporting my theater journey or are at least aware of it know my challenges writing and marketing my work. I appreciate the validators, generous souls, true friends, and loving family members with open hearts who ‘get’ persistence, hard work, and the expression of truth.

I am grateful Tom Stoppard told it like it is last Sunday at The Tony Awards.

“I have witnessed the theatre writer progressively devalued in the food chain. It's something I thought I should mention. I find this very strange because writers are the sharp end of the inverted pyramid. And without a script - with the possible exception of ballet and award evenings - without a script, we're all basically flummoxed.” Tom Stoppard

At Art House Productions, as at Long Beach Playhouse, I was touched and honored by the staged readings and audience’s responses. Tears and laughter. The neon lights will continue to shine. Yes!


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