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I used to wish my family was more like a Norman Rockwell painting. Now I am just grateful we don’t resemble a Jackson Pollack. Besides, opening the curtains on those Rockwell-ish – looking families reveals more dysfunction and nuttiness than in our own.

Every day I am grateful for my people and for other stuff, too. Here are my reasons to rejoice: 1. I am thankful for my husband and our marriage. 2. I am thankful he said “yes.” 3. I am thankful for our children for being who they are and for adding so much to my life. 4. I am thankful for the newest addition, my precious grandson, the apple of both eyes. 5. I am thankful for my sister, our harmony, and shared moments. 6. I am thankful for my sister-in-law who taught me the Plank Pose and more. 7. I am thankful my 95-year-old-mother-in- law is healthy, enjoys life, and is a fundamentally happy person who does not like to kvetch. 8. I am thankful for my friends who have helped me through moments of despair. 9. I am thankful the moments of despair are almost always followed by moments of joy. 10. I am thankful for all the loving people who have touched my life, including all of you blog readers. 11. I am thankful you take the time to leave comments on my site. 12. I am thankful for this space to give thanks. 13. I am thankful that in addition to the bunions and grey hair I am acquiring with age, I am also acquiring a bit of wisdom. 14. I am thankful my husband’s taste in music is similar to mine and the last song we both can sing word for word is “Blowin in the Wind.” 15. I am thankful my present periodonist is only very expensive unlike the outrageously expensive one I went to before. 16. I am thankful I am almost finished paying off these teeth men. 17. I am thankful I can do 21 push- ups. 18. I am thankful that when I do them at the gym, no one hears me count by 3s. 19. I am thankful I no longer have to: a. pretend I like football b. line up according to height d. play piano for the relatives. 20. I am thankful I can play for whom and when I wish. 21. I am thankful that even though it was nighttime and he was probably looking for a generous tip, a cabdriver could not believe I was over 50. 22. I am thankful that opening a tin of sardines no longer requires a key. 23. I am thankful it is getting easier to listen to my inner voice. 24. I am thankful no one is in the living room when I sing. 25. I am thankful I have accepted the fact that I will never be: a. graceful b. tall c. in the arms of Johnny Depp. 26. I am thankful for my first sip of coffee each morning. 27. I am thankful I have work I love. 28. I am thankful I am still at it and have no plans to retire. 29. I am thankful that if I were to live my life again, I’d live it pretty much the same.

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