I’m writing a few more words than just a few words—actually, an entire blog–about the 7th item on my last post. Hard to believe considering I am not Every Day or Once a Week with Rachael Ray or Mario B. or Bobby Flay.Your responses ‘got’ me, though. Robert, for example, shared his recipe after writing that kale is “something only goats should eat.” And Gail wrote: “Apparently you’re supposed to massage kale with olive oil to make it softer and palatable in salad form. The idea of eating a leafy green which has been massaged by anyone’s hands but mine is disgusting to me. Maybe you can try it for yourself.”

When I first got bombarded with kale’s benefits, I told my husband we should try it.

Jonathan stared at me silently and then said, “Not ‘we.’”

The next time I mentioned I might make kale, his response was, “I’ll be out at a business dinner that night.”

We went a few more kale rounds. Then I bought, made, and served it. Upon tasting it, Jonathan made a little face and a little remark. He put some of his kale between the rice and fish and ate it that way. The rest he put in the garbage.

I made kale a few more times in a few different ways, not minding that it tasted liked how I imagined cardboard might taste. Jonathan minded. Then he had a doctor’s appointment and I accompanied him. In the waiting room, while he did NOT have the procedure we thought he was there to have,* I leafed (ha, ha) through magazines, coming upon Kyra Sedgwick’s recipe for kale that her family, which includes 2 children, loves.

I made it. We both liked it. We had seconds. Thirds. Jonathan said it should be a repeat. It’s a regular now.

So here is how KS and I make kale: rinse it. Heat up some olive oil in a wok, put in the kale, some balsamic vinegar, pine nuts, and red currents. Heat.

But Buddy (whoever you are) gets the last word. The following recipe of Buddy’s appeared in the comment section on my site last week:

Place kale in a large plastic bag. Place bag under rear wheel of car. Backup.

*Our real and almost procedures may or may not show up in a future blog about our real and wacky docs.


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