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A Contest For You

For today’s blog, I am running a contest. The winner will get a prize.

The topic is inspired by an occurrence on a recent Sunday. Walking along 18thStreet, my husband and I saw a sign in front of Books of Wonder, a marvelous bookstore for children, saying William Wegman was speaking from 1:00-3:00. It was 1:30. We went inside.

The audience ranged in age from not-quite-1 to over 70. Expected.

Unexpected: at a low table in front sat Wegman. On a high stool at the lectern sat a dog. One of Wegman’s 4 Weimaraners and a model for his books.

What a sight! A New York sight! How I love this surprising town! Our signed copy of Wegman’s FLO AND WENDELL is now on the cocktail table. The sibling dogs, Flo and Wendell, are snazzy dressers. The snazziest in our house.

So your turn. The contest: write something about an animal in 6 words. Any animal. At the zoo. On a farm. In a store. Wherever. Possibly a pet. Yours or someone else’s. From any time in your life.

My first thought for an entry was: DOG AT LECTURN. AUTHOR, AUTHOR WHERE? But now I am recalling things about two dogs I had as a child, the cat I got as an adult, Skippy Davidoff, my cousins’ Dachshund who howled when given the command to sing Happy Birthday and bit ankles, and Bunyan Wexler, the Doberman next door.


If you wish to include your email, please do. If not, I’ll ask for it from the winner and first runner up so I know where to send your prizes. I’ll post the results here the week of November 4.

I plan to run a contest each month. The winners will get useful, fun, right-on prizes. I gave Joe, the Hairfully Yours contest winner, a goodies bag from Kiehls with a deluxe shampoo.

I really hope you enter this and make writing it tons of fun.

Love ‘n Stuff



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