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An Announcement in Verse

Hank Aaron hitting his 715th career home run.

Dear Readers,

My neck used to be missing That was then, this is now I read all of your entries They are great, I mean WoW!!

I’m glad I’m not judging Really…whom would I choose? Two impartial judges Just weighed in with their news

They too are quite taken They say you impress There is a tie for first place Gail T. and Isaac S.

Congrats to the winners Their entries are below Congrats to all who entered You’re cool people, you know.

Gail Thomas says:

My father called me Hank. “Who’s Hank?” “He’s a baseball player.” “But, I’m a girl.” “You have a butt like Hank Aaron. I’ll show you next time we watch him play,” my dad said, like it didn’t matter that he was comparing me to some fat ass male baseball player.

Isaac Slutzky says:

My 3rd grade gym teacher always told me that I should speak with a lower voice; mine was too girly. My father heard this, and marched into class screaming, “What the hell do you mean my son’s voice is too girly?” never breaking from a perfect Mickey Mouse vocal impersonation.


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