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A Sweet Summer Experience and a Contest for You

At 8:55 am on the first day of summer, I am at Breads Bakery on 16th Street a block from my apartment, putting on a hair net. I stop at this new neighborhood bakery most days on the way to the gym, on the way back from the gym, or on the way to nowhere, not to put on a hair net but for:

  1. Samples

  2. Chocolate babka

  3. Cinnamon babka

  4. An almond croissant

  5. A cheese Danish

  6. A cinnamon roll

  7. Breakfast which usually includes 4, 5, and 6

  8. Lunch which includes more of the same

  9. More samples

  10. More everything.

They keep adding pastries, salads, sandwiches, you-name-it. There are lots of tables. It’s a fun place to sit. And an impossible place for me to pass by. I tried walking on 15th and 17th.. No way. I used to think that when I reached a certain age, I would no longer have a sweet tooth. Now all my teeth are sweet.

On the last day of spring when I was there eating samples and buying something, I read that they were having a tour/demonstration in the back the following morning. Of course, I wanted to partake.

Ten of us in hairnets were led to the huge baking area by a hair-netted manager who showed us the ovens, work tables, workers, ingredients, and assembly lines. It reminded me of Lucy and Ethel stuffing chocolates and Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times.

We came to Adir, the babka baker. He rolled out and folded a lot of dough, spread Nutella on it, folded some more, cut the dough into 32 babkas and folded up the ends.

After the demonstration, we ate samples. And samples of 3 kinds of bread.

It was the most fun I ever had in a hair net. And a sweet start to summer.

Now your contest: In 30 words or less (but no more), write about sweet summer experience or moment. From any time in your life. If you wish to submit more than one entry, you may. Three is the limit. Don’t put them together. Write them as separate comments. The deadline is July 18. Two impartial judges will read everything. The winner will get a prize and see his or her name here the week of July 21. 30 word maximum. Have fun. Happy Summer!!!


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