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29 Things about My Current Renovation Including Stuff about Grey

  1. It’s the bathroom

  2. It’s the tiles, medicine chest, lighting, sink, toilet, and paint

  3. I’ve been going steady with Benjamin Moore

  4. Our neighborhood paint store opens at 7:30 am. Some days I greet the manager and first shift when they arrive

  5. In addition to ‘silver crest’ and ‘ice marble,’ I brought home11 chips of greys

  6. The new toilet didn’t fit. We live in the only line in our building that has a quirky space

  7. The contractor told us the job would take no more than 2 weeks. We’re at the beginning of week 5

  8. Finding the right-size toilet and exchanging the misfit contributed to the delay

  9. So did the water damage on one wall

  10. And the burst pipe behind another

  11. So did the tile guy locking the bathroom doctor from the outside

  12. And the length of time he and the others take for lunch

  13. Counting ‘ice cap’ I have now accumulated 17 more shades of grey

  14. The workers blast zumba music while they drill, saw, and make other really loud work noises

  15. I hate the noise in my house

  16. Thank goodness for the workers’ lunch break. I have noon to 3 to write

  17. The people who work at the tile store said most women have decorators

  18. I’ve learned never to say never, but I am pretty sure I won’t

  19. I love our wall tiles

  20. Not including ‘gray owl’ which is way too dark, I’ve considered 36 more shades of grey

  21. I don’t understand why we ran out of grout

  22. Or trim

  23. I wish the people at Home Depot could stay awake

  24. I wish the contractor didn’t get testy

  25. I love our floor tiles, lighting, hardware, sink, right-fitting toilet,and my husband

  26. He oversaw the big and small stuff of this renovation

  27. But not the color of the paint

  28. It’s now on the walls. Two coats of “white frost” look great

  29. After a little more grouting and stuff with the shower, the guys will be on their way. Everything is coming together after more than 50 shades.


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