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Late Saturday afternoon, a few hours before the evening performance of The Midtown Men, (the original Broadway Jersey Boys) at B.B. King, which we attended as PBS donors, we went to a sound check and run-through of several numbers, including a medley of Four Seasons hits. A different kind of Saturday, and what a hoot! No false notes in those falsettos. And rocking in the aisles with other boomers…..“Oh what a night!”


Over on the East Side and up 27 blocks, a talk/reading was just added to my FINDING MR. RIGHTSTEIN launch. On June 15 from 7:00-8:30, Judy Hannan, an erstwhile student/now friend, and I will kick off the summer memoir series at Shakespeare & Company Bookstore, 939 Lexington Avenue (between 68th and 69th Streets), NYC. We have lots to share, lots to talk about and I promise: there’ll be no false notes in our falsettos.


My tech team is almost ready to put up my new website. It will be ready soon. And….Fishs Eddy, where I’m doing an event June 8, already has books in the store. Posters will be in the window by the weekend. If you plan to be there June 8— I sure hope so—and if you will be coming to Shakespeare & Co. and NYU Bookstore, too ( the three events are all different), let me know so I don’t wear the same thing.

Love ‘N Stuff,


Top photo credit: Carol Langon


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