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My Very Smart Phone and My Little Green Friend

I bought a smart phone the other day. It is in the box it came in. In the Apple bag. I am not in a hurry to take it out.

People have been telling me to ‘get with the program’ and upgrade. I AM with the program. My program. Happy with it, too. My personal and creative lives are fine without new, improved technology. But for a few reasons, I soon have to get on that faster-moving train. For now though, don’t call, don’t text, don’t ask about my new smart phone. It’s in the box in the bag.

Last weekend when my favorite little guy came for a sleepover, my favorite big guy and I took him to City Treehouse, an indoor playground, where we all had a hoot once before. The slide, water pond, stage (on which my favorite 3-year old on the planet performed a great show for us), toys, and kitchen occupied us for hours. Last Saturday, when my guys disappeared to play hide-in-seek in the tree house, I was left in the pool of colored balls.

I might still be there with my green dinosaur friend if I didn’t have to get out and upgrade.


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